With my film reviews I currently have two sections: one is a new segment titled And the Oscar Goes to, where I’ll be reviewing all the films which took the Oscar for Best Picture in reverse order (starting at 2017’s winner: Moonlight; and ending with the inaugural winner: 1927’s Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans). The other section is 2017 in Cinema, which is a as-and-when look at some of the major films in the year 2017.

From time-to-time I’ll also be reviewing films which don’t particularly fall into a category (these could be because A) I’ve watched them recently and want to review them, B) A film’s coming out in the cinema and they are films in the same series or C) special anniversaries etc. of films which have brought them back into the spotlight). These will be posted here:

Or, if James Bond takes your fancy, I’m reviewing all of James Bond’s films here:

How about some of my month-long celebration of genre specials:


If there’s a particular actor, director or author you’re interested in, you can check out my Catalogue of Actors, Directors and Authors covered.